Learn how to do your own EFFECTIVE Facebook and Instagram ads this year and save big. 



Isn't it time for your Facebook and Instagram ads to start working?

Think you have to spend years mastering ads?

...or forfeit thousands of dollars a month to expensive ad agencies?

Just to get ads to work for you?


We’re going to guess you’ve done at least one of the following…

You’ve enrolled in online programs (if we’re dropping names: Amy, James, Russel, Sam, etc.) and you've got the funnels to prove it.

You’ve spent hours researching ‘How to run Facebook and Instagram ads’ and have even spent some money on Meta. With veeeeeeerrrrry lackluster results.

You’ve hired an expensive agency and didn’t, ahem, see strong results. Yes, yes. We know. You are not alone.

You’ve repeated steps 2 and 3 more than once. ;)

The thing is 

You don’t know what
 you don’t know.

Running ads shouldn't be rocket science understood by only a select few, but rather an invaluable skillset to add to your tool belt when building your business.

And that’s where Successful Ads Accelerator comes in.




See what your peers have to say...

One of the fastest and most effective ways for small businesses to grow and scale is through digital advertising 

– but what really makes a campaign effective is…

Now, you can have that
and so much more...


Where other programs end,

we begin.

Our proven, world-class training inside Successful Ads Accelerator takes complex ad processes (like ad tech) and converts them into easy-to-follow, step-by-step building blocks – making ads simple (and extremely effective)– and we’ll be with you each step of the way (with ongoing support to ensure maximum results)!

Here’s how Successful Ads Accelerator works…

Complete 6 step-by-step levels to become an ad master on your own account
Unlock the 1:1 assistance of our expert team
Graduate to the Insider’s Lab– it’s like having a daily ad help desk and premium ads agency on speed dial

What our members say......

Inside Successful Ads
Accelerator, you will…

Become an ad strategy ninja when you uncover the winning strategy and budget match that works for your business. Plus, you’ll unlock a 1:1 call with our experts to review your winning strategy and make your offer even juicier to prospective customers.

Discover how to write irresistible ad copy and design ad graphics that actually beat the algorithm, stop the scroll, and get conversions, then get our eyes on your creatives before you ever spend a dime on ads.

Say goodbye to pixel confusion and understand your metrics of success so you can analyze how well your campaigns are working; we’ll work together 1:1 to ensure everything is set up correctly and you’re ready to roll.

Master the 7-day testing protocol so you never leave money on the table, then meet 1:1 with one of our expert coaches to finalize all the details in real-time before you publish your ad and start testing.

Discover how to optimize and scale so you can grow your business, then we’ll work 1:1 together to optimize your ads with ninja budgeting moves that keep your ad spend priced correctly for your goals.

Learn how to “Optimize, Analyze and Refresh” with our OAR model to get ahead of the competition and find out how to retarget to boost conversions and bring down costs, then unlock your 1:1 call to learn how to do this on your account.

Results from members...

And that’s just the beginning...

Once you’re a Successful Ads Accelerator Graduate🎓 you will…

Get tickets to our annual virtual and in-person graduation events.


insider lab

Upon graduation of the Accelerator, gain immediate access to our Successful Ads Insider Lab, with daily office support, for the remainder of your 6 months in the program. 


insider lab

Successful Ads Insiders receive: 

3x week office hours for world-class support with our ad experts
(Drop in to get your questions answered and our eyes on your work and your ad account!)
Our Successful Ads Facebook group 
(Post questions, ad creatives and copy for feedback from our experts, plus learn the cutting edge of what’s working from your peers!)
The latest and greatest strategy drops
(We stay on top of the constantly changing world of digital ads so you’ll always know what’s working and what’s not!)

What makes Successful Ads Accelerator different from other digital ad courses and agencies?

Our Process

Our proprietary, proven system for testing and scaling ads ensures that you don’t leave a single penny on the table. 

(We’ve helped students launch over 3,421 profitable campaigns…and counting…)

Our Promise

Our promise is that you can have your ads set up within a few hours and results coming in the same day.

(We’re all about demystifying and simplifying ads so that anyone can do it!)

Our Team

Our team of professionals has been hand-selected for their brilliant wealth of knowledge, depth of experience, specialties, and ability to give direction clearly and kindly.

Our members say...



Successful Ads Accelerator includes...

  •  6 months of training and support
  • 12 step-by-step video tutorials
  • (7) 1:1 coaching sessions unlock throughout the training
  • ​Tickets to our live and virtual mastermind event
  • ​Welcome swag (of course!)
  • ​Access to the Successful Ads Insiders Lab for the remainder of your 6-month program

Plus get these bonus trainings

  •  AI for Marketing
  • ​Tiktok/LinkedIn Ads (coming soon!)

HELLO THERE! You're are on this page because you received a referral and qualify for our absolute best pricing. Simply click below to get started and we can't wait to work with you. :)

Get started for with your first payment today...

$297 $37


6-Month Payment
First payment
today of $37 then
5 payments of...

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Easy-Peasy 6-Pay Plan
  •  6 months of training AND support
  • 7 EASY PEASY step by step training modules (ads running within a few hours)
  • (7) 1:1 coaching sessions for each stage (let's make sure everything is RIGHT)
  • ​Tickets to our live and virtual mastermind event (amazing connections)
  • ​Access to the Successful Ads Insiders Lab for the remainder of your 6-month program (daily support)
  • ​Learn on the go with our course app
  • ​​Welcome gift (of course!)​

Plus Get These Bonuses: 

  •  Access to 1:1 Google Ads Support
  • ​AI for Marketing & Ads (coming soon!) 
$37 for the first month, then 5 easy payments of 


6-Month Payment


Quick 'n Painless
One-Time Payment

Are you next?

Meet the Successful Ads
Accelerator Team...

Over 3,000 entrepreneurs have mastered ads
through our system.
Their secret weapon? Our Successful #AdsFam.


Our founder, Tara, is a digital advertising OG with a tremendous track record– even Facebook has taken a page out of our playbook! 

Tara’s hand-selected team comprises the TOP 10% of Meta media buyers who spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on Facebook and Instagram ads every month.

While the team would normally charge around $500/hour for a consult, you’ll direct get access to them inside Successful Ads Accelerator.
Bex, your new concierge, has guided countless members to significant ‘life-changing’ wins.
Recent win: Helping a business generate 600+ leads at $0.30 per lead in the US market.
Recent win: Recently took the average cost per acquisition down to 1/4th of the cost of client’s projected amount.
Recent win: Was able to reduce cost per purchase by 11% with recent copy edits.
Recent win: Assisted a member on 'breakthrough' clarity on how to reposition a product that previously wasn't selling well. 
Recent win: Two tweaks to one member’s ad creative that turned them into their top performing ads of all time.

But you get access for dollars on the penny.

Love from our community...

In case you still have questions…

What industries does Successful Ads Accelerator work for?
Our system works for a wide variety of small businesses: online entrepreneurs like coaches, course creators, consultants, brick and mortar businesses, service providers, and eCommerce businesses.
How do I know if Successful Ads Accelerator is right for me?
This program is right for you if any of these describe you:

• You already understand the power and value of digital advertising but haven’t achieved your desired result (yet)
• Have run ads before - whether that be on your own, have hired a team, or outsourced
• Have beginner to intermediate ads experience
• Have been “burned” before / lost money / struggled to make ads work for your business
• Feel somewhat overwhelmed / intimidated by ads
• You're ready to finally learn this once and for all (or have a team member learn!)
• You have an offer and a funnel ready to sell that offer!

How long will it take to complete the training?
We have structured Successful Ads Accelerator to give you the fastest results in the simplest way possible. You can be up and running in just a few hours using our short training videos. Each level also includes custom 1:1 checkpoints that you will schedule at your convenience.
Do you offer a payment plan?
Yes. Our program is 6 monthly payments of $397 normally.
How long will I have access to the training?
Successful Ads Accelerator is a 6-month program. Once you graduate from the Accelerator, you will gain immediate access to our Successful Ads Insiders Lab, for the remainder of your 6 months in the program

What happens when I complete the training but the 6 months are not over?
All SAA graduates will gain immediate access to our Successful Ads Insiders Lab, for the remainder of your 6 months in the program. As a Successful Ads Insider, you’ll receive:

• 3x week office hours with our ad experts
• Membership in our Successful Ads Facebook group
• Monthly strategy drops to stay on top of ad changes so you always know what works now
• Access to ongoing workshops and deep dive trainings
• And more!

Can you tell me more about the funnel analysis sessions with Tara?
First off, let us say that this is a really cool upgrade to your Successful Ads Accelerator experience! These small cohorts (maximum 5 participants each) will meet five times with Tara to review their funnels in depth and Tara will work with you in these sessions to make recommendations on revenue opportunities and what to test next. Recommendations may include but aren't limited to landing page and sales page tests, tripwires, upsells, downsells, cross-sells, pricing tests, and of course, ad tweaks and optimizations. 

• Pre-work before the first session to ensure that everyone has their relevant data.
• 5 additional small cohort group calls with a 100% focus on analyzing your funnel and mining for opportunities.
• Requires quick implementation in order to test, collect data, and iterate. 
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